About Us
  • We are a family owned business and online retailer only located in Blaine, MN.
  • We make high quality, custom decals and T-shirts at a very affordable price.
  • Customer satisfaction is just one of our top goals.
  • We take small orders down to one custom decal / $10.00 minimum charge.

Vinyl Decals & Shirts
  • We make vinyl decals for cars, boats, homes, storefronts and we even make custom banners.
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl T-shirts starting at $18.00
  • Indoor and outdoor vinyl decals ready to be cut just the way you want.

Why Vinyl
  • Vinyl is the perfect product for your home, car or on clothing.
  • Give your home that elegant look that it needs or make your car stand out from the rest.
  • Don't waste your money on a painter, try doing it with vinyl and save tons of money.
  • Want a new look every year? Simply remove the old lettering, and apply a new design in its place.
  • Make a banner with vinyl and when your done remove the vinyl and save the banner.

Customize It
  • We can make your decals to any size you need.
  • T-shirts for a group or team with your logo.
  • See something on the web but you want to customize it?

Easy To Apply
  • Vinyl decals are easy to apply to any smooth surface. Windows should be cleaned with rubbing alcohol and walls should be cleaned with mild soap and water. Peel off the wax paper backing and position it on the surface. Vinyl is pressure activated so just rub the decal on. Then you just slowly peel back the clear transfer tape and let your decal set for 24 hrs. Check out the how to section for more info on how to apply decals.

Free Shipping
  • All orders over $50 are shipped for free to U.S. customers only.
  • All items shipped go through USPS and included a tracking number.

Safe & Secure Shopping
  • Custom orders are done using PayPal for invoices.
  • Our online store is hosted by 3DCart for a safe and secure shopping experience.